Resource centres

Updated at: 26/01/2023

Different kinds of national resource centres provide support for the data management clusters and thematic reference centers. Recherche Data Gouv federates existing resources and services to capitalise on these for the benefit of all concerned throughout France.

Recherche Data Gouv repository-registry resource center






This centre works on:

    • The creation of institutional data spaces for higher education or research institutions that request them.
    • Support and training which is provided:
      • For administrators and curators of institutional spaces.
      • Through the data management clusters to support research teams wishing to deposit and publish data.
      • For research teams who deposit data in the generic space because their home institutions do not yet possess a dedicated space.
    • The moderation and curation of datasets in the generic space (for all data that has not been deposited in an institutional space).

The Recherche Data Gouv DORANum resource center







This centre is based on the skills of the Inist-CNRS and the URFIST Scientific Interest Group (GIS). It features the DORANum platform which will be continually enriched with training materials or e-training courses developed in collaboration with the data management clusters according to the training provided on the sites involved. In this way DORANum will capitalise on generic research data training materials that can be adapted and reused by the data management clusters. The e-training courses mean research teams can self-train effectively as a complement to the local training package on offer. DORANum's teaching engineers also provide support to the thematic reference centres that require it.

The Recherche Data Gouv skills resource center






The skills resource centre is led by the URFIST GIS and contributes to the training and skill development of all data management cluster personnel who themselves provide scientific teams with training and support. It develops training modules along with the dedicated training system and methods for the data management clusters and also delivers an "open-badge" level of training that recognises enhanced skills. The training provided will be developed and adapted to respond to the requirements expressed by the data management clusters.

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The Recherche Data Gouv OPIDoR resource center






This centre is led by the Inist-CNRS and offers national data management tools and services for the entire higher education and research community in France. It:

    • Manages and operates the French service which assigns persistent digital data identifiers (DOIs) for higher education and research institutions.
    • Provides a general-purpose tool to enable researchers to create a human- or machine-actionable data management plan.
    • Supports the thematic reference centres in developing thematic specific components of data management plan creation tools.