• Administrator of an institutional space

    Any person who manages an institutional space or collection on the Recherche Data Gouv platform and the associated rights. S/he is responsible for ensuring compliance with the administrators' charter within that space.

  • API (web)

    Application Programming Interface
    A structured interface enabling automatic interaction with a third-party information system which generally includes on-demand data retrieval.

  • Collection

    A space dedicated to the datasets of a collective (institution, laboratory, research project, etc.) or a given theme.

  • Curation

    Checking the metadata and data files deposited in the repository and, if necessary, suggesting modifications to improve the quality of the datasets in compliance with the curators' charter.

  • Curator

    Any person who curates datasets by checking the metadata and data files deposited on the Recherche Data Gouv platform. A curator may suggest modifications to improve the documentation quality of the datasets in compliance with the curators' charter.

  • Data paper

    A publication that describes a scientific dataset particularly through structured information called metadata. A data paper presents the context in which the data were produced but does not refer to the hypotheses that were tested or the analyses carried out, unlike a traditional research article.

  • Dataset

    A coherent set of information or resources (data files, explanation files, API, links, etc.) and metadata (presentation, publication date, keywords, geographical/temporal coverage, etc.).

  • Dataverse

    A free software used to develop the Recherche Data Gouv platform. Please see:


  • Depositor

    Any person registered in the repository and authorised to access it who publishes a dataset of public interest.


  • Digital fingerprint

    A checksum consisting of numbers and letters that attests to a file's authenticity and technical reliability.

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