Releases notes

Updated at: 19/02/2024

This page contains the release notes of the Recherche Data Gouv platform.

Release Note dated 02/21/2024 - Portal

New features

Harmonization of DOI processing across the entire site (with integrated link)
New “site map” page in XML


Minor fixes and improvements

Improved and scheduled news display
Displaying quotes in a more appropriate style
Adapted display of flowcharts within the pages of the site, particularly in English



Release Note dated 01/25/2024 - Repository

New features

Autocompletion of ANR project metadata
When entering project or grant metadata, it is now possible to directly retrieve information from an ANR project with its identifier.



Release Note dated 01/24/2024 - Portal


Depending on the chosen language (FR / EN), images are now also customizable, for pages dedicated to news, datasets and guides

Minor fixes and improvements

Fixed a minor presentation bug


Minor security fixes
Optimizing the caching system


Release Note dated 12/13/2023 - Portal


Improvement linked to scrolling through the carousel of partner establishments
Optimized implementation of the flowchart for better visibility

Minor fixes and improvements

Fixed some minor presentation bugs


Optimization linked to a few security points
Fixed some minor technical bugs


Release Note dated 11/16/2023 - Portal

New features


Ability to create a dynamic flowchart

Back office

Added duplication functionality in drafts for the following entities: news, datasets, pages, guides, events
Ability to add comments from the text editor toolbar


The dataset put in “Focus” no longer appears in the “To discover” section
Display in antechronological order of events
Ability to format alert messages

Minor fixes and improvements

Replacement of the “Birthday” headband with the traditional headband
Footer alignment on Edge, in tablet mode
Possibility of changing the category of an already existing media
Possibility of entering the subject of an “Other request” in the contact form


Finalizing the bundelization of Lockedit (library used for locking in modification)


Release Note dated 04/20/2023 - Portal


New features

Event and News Possibility for a visitor to suggest an event.
Possibility of programming news.

Media library
Ability to load files in .ppt, .odt and .docx format.
Ability to load images in .webp format.

Display Improved the appearance of tables of contents.
Improved the display of institutional spaces on the carousel.
Analysis and improvements of site accessibility.

Media library
Use of S3 (Ceph) storage for images and files.
Developments regarding media selection.

Project members
Creation of an entity dedicated to displaying project team members.

Management of internationalization on static links.

Display of licenses related to the content and source code of the site.
Static links to the communication kit page.

Updated the script for site visit metrics (Matomo tool).

Minor fixes and improvements
Bug fixes regarding responsive display (mobile and tablets).
Disabled the display of glossary term definitions in the FAQ side menu.
Displaying definitions of glossary terms in English.
New procedure for creating anchors and resolved the malfunction of anchors on the portal.
Black line removed for images containing links.

Preparing for migration to the Scaleway cloud to enable 24/7 availability.
Operation and indexing of the sitemap.


Release Note dated 02/27/2023 - Repository


New features


An embargo may be placed on files. This is a maximum of 18 months and cannot be modified in the published version once applied.


The notifications received are configurable in the personal space.
Files The “Replace” functionality for files can now be used in draft versions of datasets (a feature previously only available on published datasets).


An anonymized private URL that does not provide access to certain metadata fields can be created for an anonymous review in place of the usual private URLs.
Please note: for complete anonymization that does not allow identification of the deposit collection of the dataset, contact the Repository-Catalogue Resource Center.



The labels and help (tooltips) of the metadata appear translated into French in the interface when the French language is selected.


The Etalab Open License is applied by default: This can be directly selected in the interface without using a metadata model. As part of this change, all datasets with the Open License in the “Terms of Use” field as previously in use or with the CC0 license will be assigned this same Open License without intervention by the depositors.


Added a metadata block for calculation scripts and workflows.
Conditional metadata: The mandatory field label for “Kind of Data” data types is now “Data Type” in the English interface. halid is selectable in the identifier types for publications associated with datasets.
The “Project” metadata group becomes multiple.
Input instructions can be added in metadata templates.
Users can retrieve, set and update metadata using a new simplified JSON-LD format.


The default dataset language that will be used when entering metadata into a collection can be configured.
Administrators with large files in their installation can disable the automatic checksum verification process at publish time.

Other interface improvements

Buttons for copying long text strings for private URLs, checksums and API tokens.
The ORCID identifiers of the authors will now be clickable once they are entered.
Visitor logs now support multi-line text.


New usage metrics/statistics, particularly at the collection level, are available via the APIs.
Search API users can specify additional metadata fields to return in search results.
API users will be able to access a list of URLs for downloading files, allowing for faster and easily retrievable transfers.
Users of the Dataset Update API receive more information when the dataset they are editing does not meet the access requirements.
Ability to retrieve visitor records via API.


Improvements to the date used for harvested datasets.
Support for ISO-639-3 language codes when harvesting.

Minor fixes and improvements

Fixed errors when creating accounts.
Users who interact with pre-release workflows will see speed improvements.
Fixed an issue with metadata (Topic Classification) appearing multiple times.
Small bugs have been fixed in the export of datasets in JSON and DDI formats.
Improvements on the dates of harvested datasets.
The collection pages have been optimized.
Users will now be able to easily copy checksums, API tokens and private URLs with a single click.


Upgrade of Dataverse 5.12.1