Temporal Brain Networks

Temporal Brain Networks
Updated at: 13/04/2023
Collection of temporal brain networks obtained from resting state fMRI data

This dataset contains a collection of temporal brain networks. The networks are obtained from resting-state fMRI data of 1047 subjects from the Human Connectome Project (HCP).


The pipeline takes the blood oxygen level dependent signals from the fMRI scan for each voxel of the brain and processes them. The output is a temporal network that represents the activity between brain regions during the ~12 minutes of the scan.

The pipeline parameters are as follows :

  • Window size: 60 seconds
  • Window overlap: 30 seconds
  • Tukey window parameters: 0 (rectangular window)
  • Correlation: Pearson
  • Atlas: Schaefer


Temporal Networks

Networks are undirected and weighted. The values of the diagonal are 1, because they correspond to the correlation of a brain region with itself. The number of nodes doesn't change over time, instead edges appear and disappear.


Dataset structure

The dataset is organized as follows:

  • The file id_subjects.txt contains the list of subject IDs, which are a selection of the HCP dataset.
  • Each folder contains a network for each subject in a .txt file. The networks are compressed into several .zip files of 1 Gb each to facilitate downloading.
  • The first line of each .txt file contains the number of nodes and the number of snapshots of the network divided by a space. The following lines contain the list of edges of the network in the form i,j,t,w meaning that the edge between node i and node j at time t has weight w.


Folder names don't exactly correspond to the node number of the network collected in them (neuroscience convention). The real number of nodes (which is given in the header of the .txt files) is the folder name plus 2, e.g. folder 100 contains networks with 102 nodes.

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